from the Desk of Anne Bermingham, Governor D7090


As the New Year unfolds, I wish every Rotarian in our District a healthy, happy New Year.
With six more months left in the Rotary year, I have many hopes and wishes.  I will share five of them… In the hopes that you can help me to make them come true!
1. We grow the number of Rotarians in our District so that we have 2022 of us!  We want and need more people to help us “serve to change lives”.  Our Rotary International President has challenged each of us to bring one.  In January, I will be doing just that - bringing a young female (under 35 years of age) into my Rotary Club of Hamilton AM as a new memberI am hoping you can do the same. 
We are also encouraging clubs to create Satellite Clubs whose members are your members but meet at a different time or in a different way.  Maybe you could volunteer with a few others to make this happen for your club.
2. We have at least 20-22 clubs represented at our Zone Foundation Gala taking place on February 23 - beyond the usual suspects.  It is a great fundraiser for our Foundation and it will be preceded by our own special District 7090 pre-Gala party.  Tickets are available now.  See link below.  Can you help us to meet this goal?
3. Another 20 to 22 volunteers will step forward and offer to take on a task at the District level.  Your District is here to inspire and support all the clubs from Jamestown to Delhi.  It is a large district and there are so many different ways in which you can help.  For example, we need:
  • Individuals willing to help organize training events like the Club Training Assembly (aka District Assembly) or the Rotary Web Talks.
  • Individuals stepping up to join our New Generations Exchange Program (customized individual exchanges for adults 30 and under) or RYLA January focus groups where we test ideas for a hybrid model going forward.
There is a task for any interested individual that suits your schedule and interests.  Just reach out to myself or Lisa Bishop (incoming Governor).  Our contact information is right on the Rotary 7090 home page.  Give us 2 hours or 20 hours or whatever you can!
4. We have over 200 to 220 volunteers giving of their time for the Great Lakes Watershed Clean-Up this April 17-23, 2022 and that 20% of them are not-yet-Rotarians.   We are “people of action” not “people of meetings”.  Please help us to bring out many interested Rotarians and others in our community to tend to our Great Lakes and other significant waterways such as our Erie Canal. 
5. Finally, you and your club update your website, FaceBook page and other social media with new images and updated information.  I would love to know that we had over 2022 new followers to all of our pages.  And watch for some social media content we will be sending your way to make this even easier to achieve. 
So please join me in making these wishes come true!