Governor Anne's September Message

Dear Rotarians:
It has been a real pleasure to meet many of you over the last month as I continue with my club visits.  In most cases, we have been able to feature you as the speaker (not me) as you share with others what your club is doing in the areas of increasing our impact, expanding our reach, increasing participant engagement and adapting and innovating. 
I am hoping you are developing an appetite to meet even more Rotarians in our District.  The annual District Conference is a great opportunity to do just that.
The District Conference will be Thursday October 21 (evening online); Friday October 22 (mid-afternoon service project in your community followed by a social) and Saturday October 23 (in person with a service project and hopefully streaming option). 
Why so many pieces and parts to the conference?  So there is something for everyone and so it works in these difficult COVID times.
Thursday October 21 (likely 7 pm to 9 pm) - a virtual event.  We are working to secure a WOW speaker.  We want to have some interactive elements so you meet other Rotarians and learn what they are doing in their clubs.  We plan to celebrate clubs and their achievements.  So you can attend this part of the conference from the comfort of your home.  Registration will open soon.
Friday October 22 (mid-afternoon onward) - service and social.  We are hoping that each of the 18+ areas in our District will select one service project that could be implemented that afternoon.  The theme is healthy communities.  So clubs in one area might have some members and guests go tree planting.  Another group of clubs might focus on the work they already do gathering up books for the little lending library.  We know that not every member of every club in the area will join us but we sure would like to have as many members that can join their clubs in their local geographical area for this Day of Service as possible.
The idea is that it is a service project in the afternoon - followed by a social.  We hope that there will be 18 different socials going on in the district as another element of the conference.   No one has to drive far.  Even if you can’t make the service project, members may be able to make the social.   It is in your part / territory of the 7090 District.  We are anticipating most areas would want to declare a restaurant or bar that everyone meets at.  Something that is easy to organize and not a huge burden on any one person or club. 
Saturday October 23 - Conference in Hamilton with two other options to take part. On Saturday, we will have an in-person conference in Hamilton (my hometown).  It will start something like 9:30 am so you can drive from anywhere in the district and do not need to stay overnight and face the costs of a hotel bill.  In fact, we are designing the whole affair to be low cost but high impact. The conference will end around 3:30 pm with everyone having learned some new things and connected with our community of Rotary in our 7090 Best of Friends District. Again many more details coming.
We are hoping to offer two other ways you can be part of the conference if you can not be there physically.  We know that the Friday afternoon might not work for some clubs or areas to do a service project.  A second option is to do a service project on Saturday October 22 in lieu of coming to the in person conference.  Another option is to join us when we live-stream a part of the conference. 
In other words, there is something for everyone!
Many more details coming including registration information.
For now - please SAVE THE DATES (October 21-23, 2021)!
Anne Bermingham
Governor, Rotary District 7090 (Best of Friends District)
Proud Member, Rotary Club of Hamilton AM
We are "People of Action" who "Serve to Change Lives"
Contact me or 905-719-1225