Rotary Club Central Tool Box

2021 - 22

Success as a Rotary Club depends on your club having a Vision!
  • Where do you want to be in 3-5 years?
  • What does your club want to accomplish in 3 to 5 years?
  • What does your community want your club to support over the next 3 to 5 years?
  • How many members does your club want to have at the end of 3 to 5 years?
These are examples that your club must consider prior to setting Long Term Visionary Goals.  Without setting Visionary Goals your club will simply repeat the same actions year after year.  In order to help your club set these visionary goals, the District 7090 has a Club Visionary Committee that will meet your club and assist members to set them.  Contact the District through your Area Governor (AG) to connect with the right parties.
Rotary Club Central Helps manage Annual Goals; the path to successful Visionary Goals
What can Club Central do for my Club?
Every June the new Executive should be setting Annual Goals through the membership and committees. These Annual Goals have three functions
1. Annual Goals are small steps in accomplishing the previously set Visionary Goals.
Club Central is a great tool to help your Club set annual goals. Categories of annual Goals are Membership & Participation, Foundation Giving, Service, Young Leaders and Public Image.  There are 25 specific Annual Goals in RCC. Each goal has the space to record your Goal and declare your accomplishment to date.  Any goal that relates to membership numbers or dollars given to RI, will be automatically have it’s accomplishes recorded by RI.  The rest require club action to record.
2. Rotary International uses these Annual Goals as a measure to award the prestigious annual Rotary Citation Award
The Rotary Citation is an award given to Rotary Clubs worldwide which meet annual goals and objectives. It is a recognition of your Club’s achievements which can be used to show that your Members are engaged within the local community and internationally.  This year the Rotary Citation will be awarded to any club that successfully accomplished 13 out of 25 RCC goals. When you receive your Rotary Citation from the RI President, your entire Club can share in the knowledge that every Member had a part in this important recognition. It demonstrates that their time and effort are recognized and rewarded.
3. Motivate club committees and membership to succeed.
By setting your goals prior to the new Rotary year, your Board and Members will have milestones to reach. You can keep up to date with your successes and have an early look at those goals which may need time to achieve. HOWEVER, it won’t work unless you enter the goals and keep them up to date. This is easy to do. Tracking your progress and reporting your accomplishments motivates all to succeed.
The Goal Planner and Citation Dashboard :
Use the RCC Checklist Goal Planner available below to plan your goals and report your progress.  Have your Board review  a report on your progress at their monthly meetings.  As you record your accomplishment be sure to check the Dashboard to ensure your success is recorded properly.
The Lighthouse Award
District 7090 has a "District" specific award for the club that accomplishes 10 goals set by DG Frank for the 2020-21 year. 
Download the list below and set the goals early.   All ten Goals are required and some will require attendance or planning early in the year.
Help Sheets provided for RRC.
Help Sheet 2020-21
Access to Rotary Club Center
Overview (Goal Planner)
How do you set Goals in RCC?
How do you Manually report Progress and success in RCC?
How do you Set up a Service Project in RCC?
How to Add a Project to Rotary Showcase.