Rotary Club Central Tool Box


What can Club Central do for my Club?

“I don’t know why our Club has to enter information for the benefit of Rotary International. It does nothing for us.”
There is some information on Club Central that RI requires. And it is important that all Clubs provide this information. In particular, the membership goal is something that both RI and the District count on to budget properly for the coming year.
Club Central is also a great tool to help your Club set annual goals. Some of these are tied to the Rotary Citation (formerly known as Club Citation and Presidential Citation). Service participation allows your Club to set goals on how, and how many, members will participate. New Member sponsorship is a goal to get your existing Members involved in recruitment. You can set other goals related to Leadership Development, District conference attendance and training participation. At the end of the Rotary year, your Club will have a great overview of what has been attained.
Other categories for setting goals relate to Rotary Foundation Giving, Service, Young Leaders and Public Image.
By setting your goals prior to the new Rotary year, your Board and Members will have milestones to reach. You can keep up to date with your successes and have an early look at those goals which may need time to achieve. HOWEVER, it won’t work unless you enter the goals and keep them up to date. This is easy to do. Every time you achieve a goal, enter it into Goal Central.

Why should I pursue a Presidential Citation?

“They keep changing the name. first its Presidential Citation, then Club Citation, now it’s Rotary Citation. Why do they make everything so difficult”?
Name changes do lead to confusion, and confusion often leads to doing nothing. It simple that way.
Rotary Citation is an award given to Rotary Clubs worldwide which meet certain annual goals and objectives. It is a recognition of your Club’s achievements which can be used to show that your Members are engaged, within the local community and internationally. These Goals and objectives are set each year by the incoming RI President. Some are the same each year, however the number and details can change from year to year. These ‘Goals’ often adhere to what the RI President would like to see during the year.
Many of the ‘Citation Goals’ are regular goals in Club Central. Things like paying your Club Assessments on time, inducting new Members, making donations to The Rotary Foundation. Other Goals, like Service activities, do require some additional involvement in writing up details. But these can be shared with other Clubs throughout the Rotary world through avenues such as Rotary Showcase.
When you receive your Rotary Citation from the RI President, your entire Club can share in the  knowledge that every Member had a part in this important recognition. It only takes a little time and effort; the rewards are great!
The  Citation Dashboard found in My Rotary gives you an update on your goal achievements. Have your Board review a current Dashboard at every Board Meeting to make sure you are on track in achieving the Rotary Citation. It helps greatly with planning ahead.
The tools provided here come in two forms for each topic.
  • A 3 or 4 page “Help Sheet” can be downloaded, printed and used as a reference as you work with Rotary Club Center.
  • Accompanying each Help Sheet is a video that you can use to guide you through the learning process. Use the video with the Help Sheet as a guide.The video should familiarize you with each step and where to find each button. 

Q&A: Help Sheets and Video Links

Help Sheet
Overview (Goal Planner)
Checklists for Goal Setting See Useful Files  for Your Club (Top Left of this page)
 Rotary Citation Guide
How do you Access Club Central
How to view Information in RCC
How do you set Goals in RCC?
How do you Manually report Progress and success in RCC?
How do you Set up a Service Project in RCC?
How to Add a Project to Rotary Showcase.