R.I. District 7090 Gift of Life, Inc.
Gift of Life is a Rotary International District 7090 Project which was approved during the RY 1993-94.  It is a humanitarian program of Rotary clubs in Southern Ontario and Western New York to provide life saving open-heart surgery to children from infancy to 21 years of age with congenital heart defects.  The program is available to children, regardless of race, color, or national origin, provided that they meet the financial need criteria.  Many of the children come from "third world" underdeveloped countries where the medical facilities for providing life saving open-heart surgery are non-existent.  Without such a program, these children would not have any chance of living beyond their teens.  District 7090 is most fortunate to have two hospitals that provide this service to Gift of Life, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and the Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo. To date, there are 41 Gift of Life programs in 41 Rotary Districts worldwide united under the Gift of Life International.  The first Gift of Life program was started in 1973 in District 7250.
The Gift of Life, Inc. of Rotary International District 7090 is a "not for profit" organization chartered under the laws of Canada Revenue as a "Charitable Organization", under the laws of the United States of America's Internal Revenue Service 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) and the laws of New York State as a "Tax Exempt Organization".  Yearly financial reports must be furnished every year to the agencies.  Copies of the yearly reports are also given to the District 7090 Governor.
Each participating Rotary club has the option of appointing a Gift of Life Chairperson.  They would have the responsibility for being the official club representative for the child they sponsored when he or she arrives for heart surgery. 
 The operation of the day-to-day affairs of the Gift of Life, Inc. of Rotary International District 7090 is vested in a Board of Directors consisting of 17 members who serve on a 3 year rotating basis with 1/3 of the members being re-appointed or replaced each year.  Appointment of the Board of Directors is made by the District Governor in accordance with the requirements of Rotary International governing District sponsored projects or, delegated to the Gift of Life, Inc. President.  Officers of the corporation are elected for a 1 year term by Gift of Life Board of Directors at their annual June meeting.  In addition to committee meetings, four regular "Board of Directors" meetings are held during each Rotary year, usually during the months of September, December, April and June.  Note: They are scheduled not to conflict with District Council meetings.