Social Media Toolbox - YouTube

Introduction to YouTube
YouTube is an online video sharing platform now owned by Google. YouTube has the second most visited website next to Google itself. That includes 1 billion viewers per month, with videos being uploaded at over 500 hours of content per minute.  The video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and via mobile phones.  Users are looking for music videos, comedy shows, how to guides, recipes, hacks and more.  Users can subscribe to their favourite blogger, celebrity, or influencer.
Your Rotary Club should use YouTube to increase awareness of your cases and your club.  You should want to educate people of the community needs you are solving, Local or World wide.
Using YouTube properly and in conjunction with your other Social Media platforms, will help develop a coordinated effort to widen your community awareness and support.
What are the advantages of YouTube?
  • Easy to use
  • Means to share Information
  • A way to save storage space on your server
  • Videos are permanently available
  • Backlinks can help Search Engine Optimization for your Website
What are the disadvantages of YouTube?
  • Everything is public
  • There are many rules (but for a Rotary club should not be an issue)
  • Account can be disabled for contract and copyright infringements
How would your Rotary Club use YouTube.
  • Impacting with Community
  • Share Stories of success
  • Entice New Membership
  • Live Streaming Meetings
  • Connect with Supporters, Members, Volunteers, and donors
  • Meaningful Marketing
  • Posting Speaker presentation
  • see YouTube Nonprofit Page
General Outline
The general premise is that a 10 minute video using most popular formats, could be uploaded providing high quality resolution. One can increase the time limit to 12 hours in length if the user follows a simple process to verify their account. There are Mobile Apps and Live streaming is available to all users but with limited numbers to Mobile Subscribers.
YouTube content is moderated for copyright and offensive content.If censors find fault the account will be frozen yet there is an appeal process.
YouTube Table of video and help sheet
Video / Reference URL
Help Sheet
What is YouTube?
Getting into YouTube
How to Upload a video
How to Edit a Video in YouTube
What format is best to upload
Voice Capture on Video
How to setup a YouTube Fundraiser (US only)??