Posted by Arthur Wing


Ellis Katsof, a member of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines, has been sharing the finding from his new book, “Life 3.0: Protirement NOT Retirement" at local Rotary clubs.  He will now be speaking at the Rotary Convention in Toronto this June.
Life 3.0: Protirement Not Retirement
Tuesday, 26-Jun-2018, 15:00-16:00, Room 718B
You are invited to explore “protirement” through the eyes of 100 baby boomers — men and women who reached the next chapter of their lives and wondered, “What’s next?” This session will provide you with advice from people who’ve already begun the third chapter of their lives, thriving in 17 different “protirement activities.” Learn how your Rotary world fits into this exciting protirement lifestyle.
Workshop Description:
People are living 20 or more years after they retire’ as a result, Boomers have reinvented the retirement concept; retirement is no longer a destination for Boomers. Few people develop thoughtful retirement “lifestyle plans” before they retire. Research has shown that developing lifestyle plans, along with financial plans, BEFORE retirement, results in a more fulfilled retirement/protirement and a more comprehensive financial plan.
Based on advice from 100 retired people, from all walks of life, including many Rotarians, this Workshop will teach participants how to use a simple “Protirement Lifestyle Planning Framework”. Participants will learn why it is important to make lifestyle changes while still working, to enhance their Protirement.