Posted by Sue Foster


Michael Hahn Membership chair inducted David Fisk and Phil Goodwin into the Rotary Club of Lincoln at its morning meeting on May 8, 2018, with President Sue Foster doing the pinning.
David Fisk (pictured left) is a twenty-year Rotary veteran from Guelph/Wellington Rotary Club, who moved to the area.  He checked out the club's website when looking for a club to become involved again.  After an invitation to a meeting and joining some of the club's social activities, he decided the Rotary Club of Lincoln was the club for him on his Rotary journey. 
Phil Goodwin (pictured right) also recently moved into the area and friend, Barb Mitges, one of our Lincoln Rotarians invited him to a meeting.  After a Fireside Chat and joining us in some social events,  Phil decided to join Rotary. 
According to President Sue, "Both David and Phil have jumped in with both feet and become involved with fundraising and programs.  We are confident both are great additions to our Rotary family".