Posted by Kevin Crosby


Do you know someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility? Do you know someone who has significant hearing loss, or poor vision? What if this person wanted to attend a meeting or other event at your Rotary club? What if they wanted to join your club? Could you accommodate them?
This is a topic many of us probably don’t give much thought to, unless a specific situation comes up. Yet, as Rotarians, most of us would opt to provide accessibility to our activities for people with disabilities if it were brought to our attention.
In recognition of the importance of considering accessibility issues, our district has formed a Rotary District Accessibility Committee to encourage clubs and district leaders to consider accommodations for people with disabilities when planning events or other activities. We have two great co-chairs: Rob Benzel, President of the Lancaster-Depew Rotary Club, and Terrence Ho, member of the soon-to-be-chartered Rotary E-club of Social Innovators. We are now looking for additional members for this committee.
If you have an interest in helping our clubs and our district find ways to improve accessibility to our activities, please contact PDG Kevin Crosby at