Posted by Gordon Crann

UP UP UP tO 106

District 7090’s membership has continued to grow over the last month with the result that it has increased by 106 members since July 1, 2017 to reach 2,230 members as of May 14, 2018.
Over the last two months, District 7090’s membership has grown by 28, which is second in Zone 24 only to District 5060, which is the largest district in Zone 24 and has grown by 29 to 2,735.
District 7090’s membership growth so far this Rotary year has come from an increase of 54 members in our 67 previously existing Rotary Clubs and 52 new members in our new Rotary E-Club of Social Innovators (RESI).
Our membership growth during the last two months has further solidified District 7090’s position as the largest Rotary District in Zone 24 East by widening our lead over District 7070, that includes the City of Toronto, York Region and Durham Region, which has added 14 members to now sit at 2025 members as of May 14, 2018.
Within all of Zone 24, District 5050 (parts of B.C. & Washington State) with 2,592 members as of May 14, 2018 has grown by 14 members over the last two months; while District 5370 (parts of Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan & Northwest Territories) with 2,114 members as of May 14, 2018 has grown by 10 members over the same period.