(Graphic Credit: Rotarian Debbie Vance)
It brings me great pleasure to wish all of you in The Family of Rotary, “HAPPY ROTARY NEW YEAR”! July 1st starts off our New Year in Rotary with two big Rotary Milestones:
Rotary International’s First Women President, Jennifer Jones, and, Rotaract Members becoming full members in Rotary. WOW! Truly these two milestones show intentional steps for equity and inclusion. Jennifer Jones is the right leader, at the right time in Rotary. She asks us to be intentional in seeking out and inspiring aspiring leaders in all types of roles in Rotary. We are all adopting welcoming, accepting environments to engage our members and friends of Rotary.  Pictured (l-r) 22-23 RIP Jennifer Jones and DG 7090 Lisa Bishop at the Imagine Tour in Toronto on July 5. 
As we look at this year’s theme, IMAGINE Rotary, let’s all be creative and look at what we all IMAGINE our own Rotary Experience to be within our clubs, and see ourselves involved in Rotary outside our clubs. We don’t IMAGINE yesterday, we IMAGINE tomorrow. There is a large world of Rotary out for you and prospective members to connect for service and fellowship. Let’s all take a look together. 
I personally thank those who over the years, networked with me and supported me as mentors, and friends in Rotary. That IS WHAT ROTARY IS…networking, mentoring, supporting, having care and concern for others, especially the causes we as Rotarians support in our local and international communities.
As we IMAGINE, Let’s have FUN!  Let’s be sure to have fun and enjoy fellowship.  
I really look forward to seeing everyone this year! Be sure to connect with me to join in a club celebration, fundraiser or service project. With the borders opened, I want to get out and join you, as you and your club IMAGINE Rotary in 2022-23. My email is:
It is an honour to serve as the 2022-23 District Governor, of our Best of Friends D7090. Thank-YOU for all you do for Rotary.