Posted by Kevin Crosby


Perhaps you’ve heard about the new “Healthy Communities” initiative spreading across all of the clubs in our district. With the support of DG Frank and the District Council, our district is encouraging every club to find a project in its community that will contribute to the overall health and wellness of its citizens. Many clubs are already doing, or have done, projects like this. If your club would like a presentation about this initiative, please contact me (
Pictured left is Phil Haberstro and right is Kevin Crosby.

On October 5, 2020, I was a guest on the “Healthy Communities” cable TV show hosted by Rotarian Phil Haberstro, former Executive Director of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo and WNY. The show, filmed and produced by the City of Buffalo, is geared towards all 8 WNY Counties to highlight how we, as a community, can collaborate and engage with local organizations to improve our region's quality of life. The 30-minute show in which I appeared will air about 10-12 times during the month of October. It’s available on Spectrum cable, the City of Buffalo cable channel (1304), and online at People with questions or interest in the show can contact the Wellness Institute at or check out their website   
Here’s a link to the show about our Rotary District 7090 Healthy Communities initiative: