Posted by Erika Gaye


This past Fall semester the SUNY College at Buffalo’s Rotaract Club had an incredible semester with countless rewarding events to engage in. Rotaract members had a significant increase in the amount of participation this semester. Our events and fundraising drives additionally ended up being very prosperous. 
Throughout the semester Rotaract members participated in a whole host of events. Total member hours of participation increased from 157 hours from the previous semester to 273 hours! Members participated in our Rotaract bake sales and volunteer work sites such as the Asha Sanctuary and Habitat for Humanity. Rotaract held two bake sales this semester within the September and November months. Combined sales raised over $500. 
During October members volunteered at the Asha Animal Sanctuary. There they went on a tour of the Sanctuary and completed a service project setting up a venue for the Girl Scouts of WNY to attend. Visitors were able to meet Albert the Cow along with a variety of other rescued farm animals. With the help of the Amherst South Rotary our club participated in more great events: During November, Rotaract members helped construct a house in a Habitat for Humanity project. Members aided in the installation of drywall and insulation and were able to meet the future owner of the house they were working on. Our Heart Love and Soul toiletry drive ran between the October and November months. Amherst South Rotary helped us donate 500 toiletry items! Some items included were 132 toothbrushes, 32 bottles of body wash, and 30 bottles of shampoo. These donations went to Heart Love and Soul's Necessary Shoppe, which supplies over 290 households per month with necessities they may have trouble acquiring.
Rotaract had a fantastic semester with a large range of events and donation activities to choose from!! Our main fundraising event to look for this upcoming Spring semester is Hope Haiti. Last spring the Rotaract Club fundraised over $3600 for medical supplies to aid Haiti! This year we hope for just as much success. If interested in helping with Hope Haiti please feel free to contact us at