Posted by Kim Nichols


Batavia Rotary hosted its second annual “Meat Raffle”.  It was held on April 21, 2018, at the Sacred Heart Social Center.  The Meat Raffle started last year as a way to replace our annual car raffle. It has been a huge success both years.  The event was sold out this year with 371 participants. This event is “tailgate style” where we encourage people to bring whatever snacks and food they would like for a great night of fun!   Participants bought chances to win packages of meat, from hamburger to bacon and steaks to shrimp.  There were also side raffles for chances to win prizes which included A Wheelbarrow of Booze (what goes better with Meat?), A Grill, Lottery Tree, A Yearly Membership to the YMCA and more!  The club is already looking forward to next year.