Every time a Rotary club in one country helps a Rotary club in another to complete a local project, it's an example of International Service.


International Service (FKA World Community Service) offers Rotarians an opportunity for international fellowship with an important difference - humanitarianism. Established as a Rotary International Program in 1967, International Service allows Rotarians in two countries to work together on a service project that helps those in need. Through International Service programs, Rotarians provide millions (US) in funds and donations-in-kind each year.

There is no one-way to carry out a International Service project. When it comes to implementing a project, creativity and imagination are the keys to success. Projects may be as diverse as assisting in a donkey-breeding program in order to provide a less expensive means of farming to helping build a medical complex that will serve more than 25,000 people or to drilling potable water wells for entire villages.

Rotary International encourages Rotary clubs to develop projects that address priority needs identified by the communities they serve, to help people help themselves, and to ensure projects are environmentally sustainable.

Rotary District 7090 International Service:

The Rotary District 7090 World Community Service Catalogue (now known as International Service) features information about several ongoing projects approved by District Council. Rotary District 7090 encourages participation of all District 7090 clubs in these projects. Please note the criteria for an approved project is listed on page 3 of the Approved Projects Catalogue listed in the menu to the left.

For information on how to get your club's project included in the catalogue, click on Application to District Council for Approved Project in the menu to the left.

Grants up to $2,000 US are available from District 7090.   For more information, please click on District Grants on the menu to the left to access an application.

Contact for more information on Rotary District 7090 International Service projects:

Jack Amico, Chairperson 2016-2017
Phone:  (716) 674-1119

Rotary International Service resources:

Additional information is available on the Rotary International website

Rotary International has published the World Community Services Handbook: A Guide to Matching Grants for International Humanitarian Projects. This handbook provides valuable information about WCS projects and how to apply for grants, and offers insight as to how clubs can become involved.

The World Community Service Handbook and other WCS resources are available for download in pdf format from the Rotary International Download Center at Rotary International.