In July, a small group of District 7090 Rotarians joined together to form a new club: The Roundabout Rotary Club of Buffalo-Niagara.  The club was established through the re-purposing of the former Rotary Club of Cheektowaga’s original charter, which dates to 1948.
“Roundabout Rotary was created to bring together the best parts of the Rotary organization – service, friends, and community, in a brand-new format to allow for deeper engagement with our local communities,” said Katie Biggie, President.
The word “roundabout” was incorporated into the new name to honor the Cheektowaga club’s past dedication of adopting the roundabout at Cleveland Drive and Harlem Road through the state Department of Transportation.  
The new roundabout club continued this service project by conducting a cleanup on July 19 at this roundabout and the surrounding crosswalk areas. The cleanup included removing weeds and debris as well as picking up trash near and on the roundabout.
The club conducted a second service project on Aug. 8, when its Rotarians and other volunteers partnered with Journey’s End Refugee Services to clean and furnish a Buffalo home for an incoming Syrian family.
“With our focus on providing direct, hands-on service, we hope to truly make a positive impact in our communities,” Biggie said.
Additionally, the word “roundabout” represents the club’s theme – that it does not have a particular jurisdiction. The roundabout club’s goal will be to beautify and enhance the region through its own Buffalo-Niagara projects as well as in helping other area Rotary clubs with their projects.  
“Having a Rotary club that is regional and service-oriented reflects the time and area in which we live,” said Vanessa DePriest, Treasurer. “We can make a broader impact and serve more of our community by opening up to the Buffalo Niagara region.”
The club will also be supporting Rotary International’s global missions, which includes working to eradicate polio.
“The club was formed to create another channel for uniting the Rotary clubs of the Buffalo-Niagara region's service to the community,” said Michael J. Tyrpak, the club’s president-elect. “Roundabout Rotary builds upon Rotary International's mantra ‘Service Above Self.’”
The club will hold two functions per month. The functions will consist of a service event and a social event in the second and fourth weeks of each month, respectively.  
“Over the coming months, as the club continues to grow, we hope to increase our monthly volunteer opportunities and develop new partnerships with the many community organizations in our area,” Biggie said.
In addition, the club’s membership goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere that will produce camaraderie as well as opportunities for networking within the organization.
"The Roundabout Rotary Club of Buffalo-Niagara updates community service for the 21st Century," Tyrpak added.
For more information, including the club’s calendar of upcoming events, view it’s website at or email