As a Rotarian, you join 1.2 million people worldwide in a quest to create lasting change around the globe. You are united with leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations and have a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and take action in local and global communities.

As you embrace your new Rotary membership, become engaged in your Club and the world of Rotary around you, we want you to know that we (all the Rotarians) are all here to support you.

Rotary can be as big or small as you want it to be. Whether you are looking to volunteer within your local community or explore the opportunities to engage Rotary outside of your club and community, the possibilities are endless.

Becoming a new Rotarian shouldn't be overwhelming. Take your time in getting to know your Club, other neighboring Clubs, your District and when you are ready, take a dive into the deeper world of Rotary.

We invite you, when you are ready, to visit the Member Resources Page. Here you will catch a glimpse of:

  • Your First Month as a Rotarian (learn the basics of Rotary and get connected)
  • Your First 90 Days as a Rotarian (start to understand the ins and outs of Rotary)
  • The Deeper World of Rotary (become engaged in youth programs, international projects and so much more)
Whatever your reason for joining Rotary, we're glad you did and we look forward to meeting you along the way. If you are looking for support or have questions you want to ask, please feel free to connect with us.