See and Map the Future of Your Club through Club Visioning and Long Range Planning

Club Vision Facilitation Program “…explore new ways of seeing.”

The Mission: Every Rotary club in District 7090 will have a contemporary vision statement and long-range plan.
The Charge: To provide, at club request, high quality, timely, energized, future-oriented, facilitation service.
What the club can expect:
             Planning for the session
             Details regarding logistical needs
             Experienced facilitation skills
            “Coaching” to implement a long-range plan (at club request)
How it is done:
            The club determines the need for a Vision Program
            The club selects a “Club Vision Event Coordinator”
            Club Coordinator works with the District’s Vision Coordinators
            Pre-program materials are provided    
At the event:  Club and Team members share a light supper and set the mood. The Team facilitates:
           Open and future-oriented discussion and conversation
           Review of identified priorities
           Selection of persons to address the Club Action Plan
           Strategies for follow up action
At the end of the Vision program: Club members have been brought together toward…
           Continuity of leadership, vision, and process
           Consistency in programming
           Consensus regarding purpose and action
At very minimal cost:
           Cost of the light supper
           Less than $45.00 for materials
Possible follow up:
           The Team, or an individual from the team, will, at club request, return to revisit the action plan, facilitate the tweaking of the Vision Statement and assist the club with long-range planning.
           In Southern Ontario – Anne Bermingham,
           In Western New York – Matthew Smith,
Club Vision Facilitation – Co-chairs Barbara Ochterski (Buffalo Sunrise) and Anne Bermingham (Hamilton) - See more at: