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Welcome to Training Resources for Clubs



The District Training function includes several different activities that share a common purpose… to support the development of strong clubs in our district and contribute to the ongoing education of their leaders and members.


The Director of Training, Sue Czyrny (BNMC), has overall responsibility for guiding the activities that fall under the umbrella of District Training to ensure that they support the District’s Strategic Plan. Most of these activities fall into the following areas of focus:
  1. PETS 1&2 - Chair Scott Marcin (Amherst South)
  2. District Training Assembly – Chair Scott Marcin (Amherst South)
  3. District Team Training Seminar – Chair TBD
  4. Rotary Leadership Institute (“RLI”) - Chair Glen Christensen (Brantford Sunrise)
  5. Club Vision Facilitation – Chair Matthew Smith (Amherst South)
  6. Club-based Training and E-learning – Chair TBD
  7. Rotary Club Central Coordinator Dave Berry (Niagara Falls Sunrise)
The goal of the District Training function is to be responsive to the educational needs of individual Rotarians, their clubs, and leaders in the District. Strategically, we will strive to expand the number and variety of educational programs and resources available and make access to these as easy as possible.