Club Leadership Training FKA District Assembly

On Saturday, May 7th, approximately 200 District 7090 Rotarians and Rotaractors came together at the Niagara Falls Convention Center in Niagara Falls, New York for a day of fellowship and training on a variety of Rotary and other leadership topics.  
We were particularly thrilled to welcome leadership expert, Joel Hilchey, with us for the day as both a trainer and a key note speaker.   In the photo above, Joel is teaching Karen Sawicz of the Rotary Club of Albion - the secret of  mousetraps.  As Joel said, "It is not the mousetraps that hold people back, it's the stories we tell ourselves.  It's how we relate to the challenges."  On his website, Joel states, "This is simple.  We learn and we grow when we take risks.  When we feel comfortable for too long, things get boring.  When things are TOO risky, we get panicky and shut down.  The key is to find the right amount of risk.  Besides, life is risky, jobs are risky, the market is risky, and relationships are risky.  We need to learn how to deal with risk.  Hopefully, we learn and grow by making mistakes with stuff that doesn’t permanently damage us, other people, or our planet."  For more information about Joel, visit
In the menu on the left, are many of the training session links and / or presentations.  If you do not see something from the training here, please contact District Trainer and PDG, John Heise or District Trainer Elect and PDG, Ralph Montesanto.