Welcome to the Assistant Governor page.    
Many have said - the AG role is the best one in Rotary!  
In the menu on the left are various documents and manuals to assist an AG in successfully fulfilling her/his role.  See also the brief job description and comprehensive timeline below.
AG Job Description (in brief)

AGs are invited to serve a 3-year term (renewable each year at the discretion of the incoming Governor).   Several items describe a competent AG – helping to encourage and build ever more successful Rotary clubs – doing good in the world:

  1. Be visible at your area clubs’ meetings (and, if possible, their events) visiting at least once per quarter.   If you do not attend their meetings, they will not attend your Area Meeting.
  2. Host a minimum of 5 Area Meetings bringing your clubs' presidents and presidents-elect together.  They will benefit greatly from the interaction - and can even build the agenda of items they need and want to discuss - see also Adaptable Agenda form for AG Meeting in the menu on left.  Complete and submit AG Report to AG Coordinator (report form also in menu on left).
  3. Participate in periodic online video conferencing AG meeting with fellow AGs, hosted by the AG Coordinator.    
  4. Attend District Council meetings and other trainings/events - including PETS 1, Club Leadership Training, the District Conference, DG Changeover brunch and The Foundation Dinner.  
  5. Become competent on Rotary Club Central so you can help your clubs enter their goals, etc.
  6. MANDATORY – complete club visit using the Memo of a Club Visit guide and report online to RI by May 15th.
For full description of duties, we ask you to please review Duties of an AG in the menu on left.  

Assistant Governor Timeline

April – June 2017

  • Incoming Assistant Governors and sitting AGs hold final area meeting with presidents and presidents-elect.
  • Club presidents-elect submit 2017-18 club goals to Rotary Club Central by May 1
  • Club secretaries update member data for July Club Invoice (fka SAR) by June 30 deadline 
  • Attend District Council in June
  • Attend Awards Banquet/District Governor Change-over in June
  • Club presidents submit nominations for the Avenues of Service Citation by June 30

July – September 2017

  • Remind presidents-elect to complete Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs and give copy to you by July 1
  • Clubs receive Club Invoice (fka SAR) July to pay upon receipt
  • Clubs receive District Dues Invoice (generated by email) once annually in July - sent to president, secretary and treasurer as identified on the district website - due upon receipt
  • Encourage club attendance at District Conference (held annually in October) 
  • Inform presidents and presidents-elect of The Rotary Foundation Dinner in November at Salvatore’s Restaurant, Depew, NY and encourage club attendance
  • Hold Area Meeting with presidents and presidents-elect 
  • Attend District Council in September

October – December 2018

  • Encourage clubs to attend District Conference
  • Attend District Conference
  • Hold Area Meeting with presidents and presidents-elect (and if known, PE nominee)
  • Attend District Council November
  • Encourage club attendance at The Rotary Foundation Dinner in November
  • Club secretaries update member data for January Club Invoice (fka SAR) by December 31 deadline 

January – March 2018

  • Clubs receive Club Invoice early January to pay upon receipt
  • Hold Area Meeting with presidents and presidents-elect
  • Attend District Council January - online video conferencing
  • Attend President-Elect Training  (PETS1) with your area club presidents-elect

April – June 2018

  • May 15, DEADLINE to submit to RI.  Review Memo of a Club Visit (see menu for the form), attend club meeting with this in mind, complete Memo of a Club Visit online at www.rotary.org, (log in using your user name and password).
  • Hold Area Meeting with presidents and presidents-elect (and if known, PE Nominee)
  • Meet with incoming Assistant Governor if completing your term
  • Attend District Council meetings in April and June