Dundas Valley Sunrise - Before/After
A New Web Page for Dundas Valley Sunrise. 
I thought my club’s web page looked pretty good, after all I designed it. But gads, it was in need of updating. There were too much of some things and not enough of other key features. Now it looks crisp and clean and the links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube are all working. takes you there and it now has the advantage of extensions like We can add or to help promote club events.
Thank you District7090 Public Image Committee, Director Al Lutchin, David Schulz and Melissa Wells for making this happen.
Ralph Montesanto
20 October 2020
Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore - Before/After
As one of the first Clubs to complete the website transformation project I can say we more than pleased with the results and have the confidence to promote the updated and refreshed look to both club members and the community. After just one video conference call with Melissa we had the requested and suggested revisions made within a day or so and are now looking forward to the follow review to go over any
other small tweaks needed and to learn how to maintain the site on our own and share best practices to ensure we stay consistent with RI and the District's guidelines.
The improved functionalities of our site and online presence has given us renewed confidence that we can continue to drive membership, raise funds, engage and retain anyone going on to view it.
Beth Fleeton
Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore
Rotary Club of Fonthill - Before/After
The Rotary Club of Fonthill had a very active web site prior to the web refresh work being done, but it lacked professional design and the home page was cluttered with too much information.  It also lacked graphic content that represented the character of our club to the public.
The Club Refresh Initiative form was simple to complete and provided a good starting point for our site refresh.  Melissa did an excellent job in the initial interview methodically going through the existing content and mapping out a strategy for the refresh.  Once the work was completed there were only a few minor tweaks required to make it just what we had envisioned.
This work was followed by an equally efficient training session which provided the confidence and knowledge necessary to move forward with keeping content up to date.
We are extremely pleased that the refresh initiative provides the flexibility for each site to be unique in reflecting the personality of the club while maintaining consistency in terms of things like Rotary branding.  Most of all we are pleased that our site now works to promote our club in our community and will be a useful tool to attract new members.
Dave Schulz
Secretary,  Public Relations Director