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As we bridge between two Rotary years I find it very inspirational to reflect on our annual Rotary International themes.  We are in the final few months of “Rotary Connects the World” and about to embark on “Rotary Opens Opportunities”.  As our world faces COVID-19 and we are challenged to rethink the way in which we connect to our communities and the world, we are definitely seeing the doors of opportunity open up.
We’ve seen pandemics before, albeit not to this extent. For Rotarians, this is a time for serious leadership, the very kind of serious leadership Rotarians and their clubs display every day, in crisis or not. We are People of Action and we must remain calm, resolute with resolve. During this time of 'Staying Home' we have opportunities to CONNECT with those in our sphere of influence that we haven’t spoken with in years and OPEN DOORS OF OPPORTUNITIES for MILLENNIALS to join our ranks. We can beat this insidious virus. Together We Are Stronger.  Let’s do this for Rotary!
There is no better time to be a Rotarian, to join Rotary and to help our communities.  We’ve been eradicating Polio, alleviating poverty and restoring peace since 1905 and we’ll continue doing our part to end this epidemic.  While events and activities have been postponed, our Service Above Self has not.  The Spirit of Rotary is alive and well.
-- Bob Artis, District Governor
In The News


The Rotary Club of Hamilton’s COVID Cares project was completed in May. Over $6000 worth of KN95 Masks and disposable surgical style masks were purchased and delivered to several front-line local service providers. The Rotary Club of Hamilton received permission to redirect their District grant to support a COVID-19 project after the Rotary Rocks Curling Program was unable to take place as schools closed. The new project was quickly approved by the Board of Directors. Utilizing the Rotary network, the purchase of masks was able to happen through a distributor at wholesale prices.
The masks were given to front-line service providers that had great difficulty in securing PPE for staff and participants. Two locations of St Leonard’s Society, the local YMCA Men’s Residence, The Salvation Army Ellen Osler House for Women, and the remaining masks given to the PPE Drive for the City of Hamilton.  For many of these front-line service providers they had limited or no PPE supplies. With the help of club Rotarians, President Heather Moroz made arrangements to pick up and deliver the masks to the front line organizations who greatly appreciated the PPE and that Rotary thought about them and their clients and participants.


The Olean Rotary Club has been busy working with the local community foundation to raise monies for Covid-19 support.  Congratulations - Olean Rotarians for winning the challenge!
See the screenshot below of the Cattaraugus County Community Foundation Facebook page.
The Rotary Club of St. Catharines Lakeshore is pleased to announce it has received a $1000 U.S. grant to assist the Food4Kids Program locally in St. Catharines. The club matched the grant with $1000 U.S. in additional funding, above and beyond our usual level of financial support for the program.
On April 14, three Rotary Club of Westfield-Mayville members delivered 15 gallons of hand sanitizer and 100 plastic face shields to representatives of Absolut Care of Westfield and also the Allegheny Health Network-Westfield Memorial Hospital, via the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation. A case of thermometer sleeves was also donated. The Rotary Club of Westfield-Mayville worked to acquire and donate the items. The supplies were funded through a Rotary District 7090 grant.