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Presidents Elect:

PETS is a multi-part training to get you fully prepared for a successful year as leader (president) of your Rotary club.  We appreciate your embracing this key person role for your club and as your trainers, commit our best to you.

Please note:  PETS 1 in the past was an entire evening face to face training.  Last year, in our efforts to make this easier for you, we switched it to online in front of your computer or PAD.  There will be 2 evening options for each of parts A & B.  Just be sure to register for 1 of each of A & B.  Shortly before the online training sessions, you will receive a link or other message with instructions for participating.

As in the past several years, MULTI District PETS is an overnight at the BMO Training Center in Toronto.  The date for it is March 2 - 3, 2018.  If you have not previously attended a MULTI District PETS, it is especially helpful.  If you have previously attended a MULTI District PETS, it is still helpful as Rotary continues to change to effectively meet the world we live in!