Announcing the Vocational Training Team Project for 2018 - 2019 to District 4480 Brazil

Call for VTT Team Leader and Team Member Applications
We are very happy to share with all Rotarians in District 7090 that we have an RI-approved and District Grant supported Vocational Training Team (VTT) project for 2018-2019.  A VTT is a group of professionals who travel to another country and District to learn more about their profession and/or to teach local professionals about a particular field.
The Outbound VTT project, proposed by Janet Walker and endorsed by the Rotary Club of Lockport, provides a focus on the Medical Industry to District 4480, Brazil. The VTT Team will work with the host clubs of District 4480 in São Paulo, Brazil. The VTT departure date is forecast for May 2019 and return end of May after their District 4480 Conference May 25-27th.
The VTT Committee is now seeking applications for a Team Leader and 3 Team Member(s). The Team Leader, a Rotarian, should be knowledgeable and have/had experience with the medical industry and profession. Potential areas of interest and qualifications are listed below.  Note there is no age limitation.  Team Members can, but do not need to be a Rotarian.
The cost of the VTT is covered by the District Grant and the host Rotary Club/District, which includes transportation, accommodations by Host Rotarian families, and meals, subject to the mandatory exclusions outlined in the enclosed application.
Prospects for Team Leader - Please submit your application (see attached) by December 14th, 2018 to the attention of Dan Smith, VTT Chair, dsmith4416@gmail.com.  Team Leader Interviews will be held in early January 2019.
As a selection committee will be utilized in this process, Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants, as outlined below, must prevail.
Impartiality of Selection Committees
Rotarians who serve on a club or district-level selection committee for a TRF program are expected to exercise complete transparency in their familiar, personal, or business relationship with an applicant and must notify the committee chair in advance of the selection process of any actual or perceived conflict of interest due to the committee member’s association with a TRF program award candidate, e.g. employees of the same firm or organization, members of the same Rotary club or member of the same club sponsoring an application, familial relationship, etc.
The selection committee chair will decide how and if that committee member should participate in the selection process for that one or all candidates with whom there is an actual or perceived conflict of interest. If the selection committee chair is the individual with an actual or perceived conflict of interest, the club board or the DRFC chair, as appropriate, will decide how and if such chair should participate in the selection process for that one or all candidates with whom there is an actual or perceived conflict of interest.
We are also looking for 3 VTT Team Members, who can be Rotarians or Non-Rotarians with no age limit, beginning, begin November 19th 2018 with applications due by December 31st. Team Member Interviews will be held mid-January 2019.
Thank you.
Dan Smith, District 7090 VTT Chair
Dsmith4416@gmail.com     716-269-9900
Vocational Training Team between District 7090 and District 4480
Potential areas of VTT Training in the Medical Industry are:
Cancer, Ophthalmology, Heart and Coronary Procedures:
Sharing of research and development
How medical care is given and received in Brazil.
How medical care is given and received in CA and US.
Government / Regulations / Finance   
Financial aspects
                        Medical Insurance       
                        Government assistance
                        Private investment 
Medical Professionals in related areas of Cancer, Ophthalmology, Heart:
            Medical Doctor
            Surgical Doctor
            Nurse or related expert
            Therapist or related expert
            Eye Surgeon
            Optometrist or related expert