Welcome to the District's Finance and Budget page.  On this page, D7090 posts its budgets and audits for full transparency to all.  

The approved District Budget for 2019-2020 is posted to this page (lefthand menu).  The Finance Committee conducted an online vote of the Presidents Elect for the proposed budget.  Our MOPP requires a positive vote of at least 75% of our clubs.  54 clubs responded with a yes vote of 98.15%, (1 club voted no).    
Also on this page are links to historical budgets, explanatory notes and audited financial statements.

Please contact Marlee Diehl, Finance Committee Chair for 2019-2020 if you have questions regarding the 2019-2020 budget. 


Also on this page, for the use of the District committees are the following:

  • The approved Check/Cheque Request form

  • The GL/account codes for allocating the requested payment or funds appropriately

  • Instructions for submitting a Check/Cheque Request

Any questions about submitting a Check/Cheque Request, please direct to Treasurer John Bartlett or Bookkeeper Pene Hutton.