Monthly issues of the District 7090 Newsletter are located on this page.  To find a past or current issue, please click on the link in the menu to the left.

Please note:  Pene Hutton is the District Newsletter Editor.  To submit something for the newsletter, contact the Newsletter Editor      

Suggested and helpful guidelines for article submission to newsletter:

Please send full name of person who wrote article, name of club and email address.

Submit information from your club on what it is doing or international projects, fundraisers, speakers, new members, Paul Harris Fellows, are all newsworthy. If you need some examples, check out the newsletter listed in the left margin.

Items of Interest:

  • International service - service projects performed for humanitarian benefit/relief.
  • Community service - community service projects/programs undertaken by your club - photos of Rotarians working on it.
  • Membership - new members inducted, Paul Harris Fellows, perfect attendance. 
  • Event - publicize event in the club events calendar section of the newsletter. 

Details of Submission:

  • Send me your article or caption accompanied by a photo. 
  • Please note that it is most helpful if you send the article as a Word document and the photo as a separate jpeg (photo file).  Please try to remember to name the article and the photo (your club and event, eg., JamestownAMGardenProject.jpeg.  - otherwise it is difficult matching the correct photo with the article or caption.

Thank you,