2013 - 2014 Global Grants

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2013-2014 Global Grants

Welcome to D7090 Global Grants Page for the Rotary year 2013-2014.

Before applying for a Rotary Foundation global grant, clubs should create a project that is supported by a strong partnership, based on community needs, and designed to ensure achievable, measurable, and sustainable results.


All projects that receive Foundation grants must be initiated and managed by Rotarians.



Global grants require both a host partner and an international partner. The host partner, because of its local expertise and proximity to the project location, usually conducts the community assessment and manages project implementation and expenses.


Sponsors may wish to partner with a cooperating organization (i.e., nongovernmental organization, community group, government entity) as a third partner. A cooperating organization can provide technical expertise, infrastructure, advocacy, training, education, or other support for a grant. Conduct a thorough review of any potential partner organization to ensure that it’s reputable. Sponsors should also complete a Cooperating Organization Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with any partnering organization before beginning a project. See appendix D for a sample MOU.


Frequent communication among project partners is essential to ensuring joint decision making, better oversight of the project and funds, and strong partnerships for future projects. Plan the method and frequency with which you’ll communicate on the grant’s activities and progress.


Please note the following important requirement from Rotary International:

However, the Foundation does require that clubs applying for a global or packaged grant be qualified, therefore, any clubs who apply for a global or packaged grant will need to sign an updated Club MOU with the 2013-14 president and president elect before they submit an application.


The on line application process is on a rolling basis throughout the Rotary year. 

Please be guided by the following criteria when considering the inclusion of District Designated Funds (DDF) in your proposal. 

1.      Subject to a ceiling match of club funds to $10,000, for DDF match up to $10,000 per project for 2013-2014


2.     Applications in line for funds (subject to District DEsignated Funds availability) only upon completed on line application in its entirety which will trigger to Karen L. Oakes, as District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC), by the R.I. process.  In concert with the existing protocol, Karen will forward the application to Global Grant Subcommittee Chair Roy Sheldrick for his preview, and once considered acceptable by email notice of Roy Sheldrick to Karen Oakes,  Karen will then forward to the Foundation committee for their consideration and recommendations or not for approval.


3.     WE will be ever vigilant in our need to have a fresh MOU in place executed by the appropriate 2013-2014 Club President, and President Elect.


Once a club has undertaken the necessary work to confirm that their proposed activity meets global grant requirements, the on line application process may be undertaken as follows:


® Steps to start a GG application

1.     www.rotary.org/grants

2.     Click on Sign In/Register in upper right hand part of page

3.     Log in – Member access User ID & password

4.     Click on Learning & Reference

5.     Click on Club officer

6.     Lower right section – Ready to get started?  - Click on start your Grant.


As per our existing process (Matching Grant applications), we will update District Council throughout the Rotary year on the status of Global Grant applications as known.